Hi, I’m Lori!

I’m an entrepreneur, networker, and a bit of a creative. I love creating and connecting things to help people improve their quality of life and find solutions to life’s bumps and stumbles. That passion drove me to where I am today: the founder and CLO (chief lifestyle officer) at ThePureBag™.

Investing in, supporting, and helping people ranks high on my priority list. I spent my career in pharmaceuticals as a sales and marketing executive working with physicians to provide life-changing meds and remedies for patients. I’ve worked via company organizations to advance both men and women in the workplace, and I’ve been active with my university alumni, serving on various committees to help my fellow graduates.

But sometimes, the universe conspires to help direct us to a different path. One and half years ago, a sudden debilitating illness rendered me non-functional for several months. My physicians and I believe I was exposed to germs from my gym/yoga bag, which left me unable to feed myself and unable to work. Finally, a five-day immunoglobulin infusion helped my system knock out the infection, and I began to regain my normal routine.

This harrowing experience inspired me to create and design a stylish and functional yoga bag line that repels bacteria and other microorganisms. I came to realize how important it is to protect yourself from germ exposure during and after exercise, and I believe my experience happened for a reason: to help others learn from my story and stay healthy while working out. My next step became clear – I left my chief commercial officer job and embarked on my entrepreneurial journey.

Being the founder of a startup company is a very different experience. It provides an empowerment and freedom that allows you to bring your vision to life. On the other hand, this freedom comes with a ton of responsibility. It’s a huge commitment from both a time and financial standpoint. You really have to be passionate about what you’re doing, with an innate and relentless desire. You should always be asking yourself, “How can I make this happen?” Always looking forward and always keeping your eye on the vision.

I jumped in feet first and have begun bootstrapping my company. It is an extremely liberated yet risky state – highly independent with full freedom of expression AND everything riding on my shoulders. It has been quite a transition and lifestyle change from collecting a comfortable salary and benefits to funding both my company and my day-to-day living expenses. I’ve made the necessary adjustments – eschewing business suits and cocktail meetings for yoga attire and green tea. My office is no longer conference size with a view of the city, and my days are no longer spent in meetings that run long on time yet fall short on outcomes. I work simply in a cozy office in my home wearing multiple hats from CEO to package handler. I surround myself with many talented individuals who care about my business and help guide me in making the right decisions on my intellectual property strategies, mapping out approaches for my marketing campaigns and even filing orders. Every day – sometimes 24/7 – while maintaining time for reflection and for personal health.

Yoga bags live in a whole different space from pharmaceuticals. Learning this new industry is exhilarating. I network voraciously and absorb as much information as I can to nurture and grow my business. When I first envisioned my company, the driving factors were creating something that brings value for others, would be energizing and fun, and would solve problems I am passionate about – in my case, health. I wanted freedom to work at my own productivity pace and schedule, freedom to say yes and no to new things, and freedom to experiment and test out new ideas and explore untapped concepts. My focus with my new company is to provide valuable, quality products with integrity. I am all in and committed to providing solutions for everyday life that are built on the convergence of health and wellness, sports, and style within the fitness market. Supporting the local community is an integral part of my concept. All our products are designed and crafted in Pennsylvania, and all materials are sourced in the U.S.

I’m lucky I can pursue my dream and share my idea and products with others. As the saying goes, “It takes a village,” and this is so true with my support network and hero role models. Witnessing people take the next step on their journey and going independent inspires me all over again. If you are giving everything to your startup, it should be in a space and format that energizes you, fulfills your soul, and allows you to follow your authentic path. Don’t forget to throw in some yoga classes, too. 🙂