Fed up with coming home with illness-causing germs from the gym,Warwick alumna makes and sells gym bags that fight bacteria




As part of her fitness routine, Lori Gildea regularly wiped down the equipment at the gym, washed her hands and laundered her workout clothes as soon as she got home.

Still, the Warwick High School graduate contracted a debilitating illness she traces back to a virus picked up by her gym bag.

In the months she spent recovering, a doctor suggested yoga classes could help. But she couldn’t find a gym bag she could trust.

So Gildea made her own, started a business and began selling her bags.

The PureBag is an antibacterial bag big enough for a yoga mat, plus more. It’s made in Lancaster County and sold at a few fitness studios around the country, including two locally.

The bags are one way to protect yourself from germs, bacteria and viruses. Gildea says she’s not picking on gyms or yoga studios for having germs.

“The problem is they can literally finish cleaning and five minutes later, somebody can walk in, and who knows what they can bring in the door with them,” she says. “You can’t control every aspect of it. That’s where this all comes in.”

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