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Germ Protection is IN the Bag!

This women-owned business led by Lori Gildea was launched in 2018 after she experienced her own devastating health scare. Lori became severely ill after being exposed to a bug during a workout. She felt compelled to take a cleaner and safer approach to fitness, and founded ThePureBag® with her daughter Jessica to help others. And in the spirit of health and wellness, the duo is working to create healthy products for individuals AND healthy sustainable products for the planet.

My Story

I learned first-hand the danger of germs in the public domain. Other than a cold, I had never been sick in my life.

With a successful career in pharma, I was working as the CCO for a biotech start-up. The job demanded long crazy hours and I had not been at gym in months. With an upcoming week working from home, I decided to hit the gym.

After the workout I was sore, but within the week my body swelled up. My symptoms accelerated quickly and each day it got worse until soon I was unable to feed myself, shower or get dressed. I could not work on my computer and could barely use my phone. I was in pain. My friends helped me get to a host of specialty physicians and I was constantly subjected to testing from blood work to MRI’s. However, no one was able to diagnose the cause. My muscle enzymes were critically high and I was at risk of kidney failure. Yet without a diagnosis, I was left untreated — falling deeper into despair.

I was leading the commercial business efforts at my company and the void created by my absence came to a critical juncture. I was unable to work and understood that they needed to move forward. Although this left me without insurance and jobless, my priority was getting healthy again. Finally, I found a neuro-muscular physician who immediately ordered an immunoglobulin (IVIG) infusion. The week-long IV therapy worked –and kicked out the infection. Over three months after that gym work out – I was finally able to move without pain and started PT to regain muscle strength.


My physicians traced my activities during that week when I suddenly became ill and have reason to believe my gym bag was the culprit. I diligently washed my hands prior to leaving the gym, tossed my clothes in the washer and jumped in the shower as soon as I got home. However, I brought my gym bag (that had been sitting on the floor at the gym, on a bench in the locker room and on the floor at a coffee shop) into my bedroom and later that day pulled out my towel, water bottle and other items. What I didn’t realize at the time is that germs can hitch a ride in or on your bag and into your car, home or office creating a “petri dish of contamination”.

When I was ready to go back to the gym/yoga studio again, I searched for an antimicrobial bag that would protect me from germs. When I couldn’t find one that met my needs, I created my own using a healthcare-grade silver ion material. People loved the color and design of my bag and asked where I got it. When I shared the story, the overwhelming response I received: sell these bags to help others! And with that, ThePureBag was born!

I came to realize how important it is to protect yourself from germ exposure before, during and after exercise as well as for day-to-day activities and travel. I want to help others learn from my story and stay healthy while working out and going about their daily lives.


ThePureBag offers a high-quality, durable and innovative collection of bags and accessories that inhibit germ exposure whether used for work,  fitness, travel or everyday life…. Using Vegan fabric, ThePureBag provides cruelty-free collections.

Our germ-inhibiting and odor-resistant products are made with careful thought and bold, functional designs crafted with healthcare-quality Vegan fabric. The material’s embedded silver component serves as a barrier that inhibits bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew- inside and out.  Along with custom-made antibacterial thread, our bags and accessories inhibit germs such as MRSA, athlete’s foot and other gross stuff whether at the gym, school, traveling or in the great outdoors.

Stop germs from hitching a ride on your bags from public spots into your home, car or office.   At ThePureBag, germ protection is IN the Bag!  

We offer Backpacks, Tote Carry All’s, CrossBodys and Yoga Bags plus ZipPockets, Pure Cinch Bags, Eye Pillows, and Mat Wraps. We are a Women-Owned Business based in the Philadelphia area with manufacturing in Lancaster & Berks County and we proudly source all materials in the United States.

We’re excited to share our innovative bags and accessories with you and welcome your feedback and ideas!

Spread Love, Not Germs!

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