Did you know service dogs can be exposed to bacteria left behind by humans because of where they go? This bacteria can do some of the same damage to dogs as it does to humans – for example, our dog friend Axel almost died of a staph infection from walking on a gym floor.

Leashes of Valor, a nonprofit organization providing task-trained service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other conditions at no cost, recently learned about ThePureBag™ in an issue of Yoga Journal and the wheels started turning. They learned about how we use silver ion technology to naturally fend off microorganisms to keep you, your yoga bag, and even your service dog clean. Leashes of Valor’s founder and owner learned about the dangerous experience with Axel and decided to partner up with ThePureBag™ and share this news with their fellow veteran and service K-9 community to help improve the lifestyle of both!

This organization is a wonderful one to highlight because of the work they do to improve the lives of veterans and the bonds they create between humans and dogs. By working with Leases of Valor, we are very proud to say we are helping keep pups like Axel protected from germs and other gross bacteria. Together, we can keep dogs healthy enough to spend a long, happy life with their owners.

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