We often talk about the dirtiest items you come in contact with at your gym or yoga studio, but what about outside those environments? While it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, germs and bacteria are on most items we touch every day, and we aren’t just talking the common cold. Everyday, you touch staph, e coli, and other microorganisms, and when you touch your face, they get into your body and make you sick. These five items are some of the biggest common culprits:

  • Smartphones and tablets – these days, our cell phones are an extension of our hands, going with us everywhere… including the bathroom. People who scroll on their smartphones and tablets while going to loo are collecting all those germs and bacteria that are festering in the bathroom. In fact, a recent study found that phones have 10 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Every time you touch your phone or tablet, the germs they carry, including strep, staph, and e coli, make their way onto your hands. Then, when you touch your face, they make their way into your body.
  • Purses and backpacks – purses and backpacks, like cell phones, go pretty much everywhere with us. The only difference is cell phones aren’t usually set on the floor while you’re sitting down. Purses and backpacks are placed on so many surfaces that it should be no surprise many studies throughout the years have concluded they carry more bacteria than the handle flusher on a toilet. The bathroom, your kitchen, the sidewalk – purses and backpacks are placed on so many disgusting services and they collect all the bacteria they come in contact with along the way. This bacteria then globs onto the items in your purse, waiting to be ingested or breathed in.
  • Money – paper money is made of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen, making it the perfect place for germs to set up camp. Combine that information with the fact that most money stays in circulation for five to 15 years, and it’s scary to think about how dirty it is! Last year, a study concluded there are hundreds of species of microorganisms on cash, including vaginal bacteria, pet dander, e coli, salmonella, and staph. Unless you wash your hands before and after handling money every single time, these viruses will get to your hands and eventually your mouth.  
  • Car keys – while car keys themselves are usually metal, which is a material germs don’t usually stick to, what about the plastic piece at the top of key or the little crevices? Every time you handle your keys, any dirt, sweat, or germs on your hands are transferred to your keys and vice versa. And those cute keychains you pick up from vacation? Depending on the material and build, those may harbor even more kinds of microorganisms that can threaten your health.
  • Shoes – same concept as the purses and backpacks, but shoes come in contact with the ground all day every day. Think of all the places you walk throughout a single day. Now, think about where you place your shoes when you need to carry them. Backpack? Purse? Gym bag? Placing your shoes into your personal bags is only contributing to the disgusting germs and bacteria they already carry, which puts your wellness into greater jeopardy.

With all that being said, what should you do to protect yourself from these germs and bacteria on the items you touch every day? In each of these five cases, our ZipPockets will give you the protection you need to stay healthy all year long. They are 5×9” – the perfect size for your phone, credit cards, money, and keys. Even better, they fit into your purse or backpack to protect your most important items from the germs living in and on your bag’s surface. Our ZipPockets come in a variety of fashionable colors and offer unmatched germ protection every day.