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The Pure Backpack from ThePureBag® is the ultimate in antimicrobial protection! This hip and functional backpack protects against germs – inside and out! It is crafted of healthcare grade embedded silver-ion technology Vegan fabric that defends against bacteria (including MRSA), fungus, mold and mildew and other gross stuff. Down to the detail, the backpack is sewn with custom-made antimicrobial thread. No worries where you set this bag or what you toss into it! Many customers even use as a Diaper Bag!

The Pure Backpack keeps your contents and personal environment fresh and germ-free. The roomy front pocket offers ample space to store your water bottle, tablet and computer cords. And the interior pocket is ideal for your smart phone!

Adjustable, foam straps for comfortable wear. Crafted in PA! Water-resistant, UV-Protected, Crack-proof to -10°.

Do not launder. Spot clean only – see cleaning instructions.

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 17 × 12.5 × 6 in

Roomy Front Pocket – 9”; Inside Pocket – 5 x 6 “


81% Vinyl; 19% Polyester.

Care & Cleaning

Apply solution of 10% household liquid dish soap in warm water. With soft damp cloth, rub gently & rinse with water-dampened cloth.


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