Whether you know it or not, yoga mats are one of the grossest and germiest things you can touch at a gym or yoga studio. They are porous, which allows unwanted germs to get comfortable and hang out in your mat for several days. But we don’t want you to run the other way at the thought of busting out your mat and going to yoga class. Instead, we want you to arm you with three of the best tips for keeping your yoga mat germ-free and keeping you healthy:

Bring your own

The number one thing you should do to protect yourself from yoga studio germs is always bring your own yoga mat and never share it with another person. One-third of the population unknowingly carries MRSA bacteria on their skin and in their nose, and the heat, moisture, and sweat at the yoga studio makes it a dangerous place for those germs to jump onto your mat.

If for some reason you absolutely need to borrow a mat, always clean it before and after each use. Otherwise, you don’t know what type of germs have been living on the mat or how long they’ve been there. If you own a studio, charge a fee for mat rentals to encourage people to bring their own. Then, use that money toward your cleaning costs to help keep all your students healthy.


As we’ve mentioned, cleaning is the ultimate yoga mat protection. Even if you use your own mat, you can’t be sure that the studio floors are clean, and your mat has the potential to pick up germs and fungus from other people’s feet and sweat.  There are many different ways to clean the mats, including specific yoga mat cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, and DIY cleaners. Some people rely on soap and water, but some use vinegar and water. Just like gyms, there are also wipes you can bring with you or set up in your yoga studio. However, most people recommend good old-fashioned Lysol or disinfectant spray. Spray both sides of the mat down and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then, wipe it down and store it in a clean environment. This is a practice you need to use before and after you use your yoga mat every time.

Mat Wrap and Yoga Bags

Some people can’t keep up with cleaning their mats, which leaves them vulnerable to germs, fungus and bacteria. If that sounds like you, anti-microbial mat wraps and yoga bags should be your best friends when it comes to yoga mat protection. Unlike any other yoga products on the market, the mat wraps and yoga bags we offer are built with germ protection in mind. The yoga bags are made with healthcare-quality vinyl that is embedded with silver and sewn with antibacterial thread. The mat wraps are made of hypo-microbial fabric treated  on both sides with silver to repel germs. For the ultimate yoga mat protection, roll your mat up in a mat wrap and then put it in one of yoga bags. Germs won’t have a chance, and you’ll stay healthy all year long.

These three tips are the best ways to protect yourself against all the germs that may be hiding around your gym or yoga studio. If you want to read more about our cause and why we are so passionate about protecting gym goers and yogis from germs, check out this page.